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Businesses are drowning in a sea of disparate data, fragmented systems and disconnected customer experiences.

With Helm at the center of your customer experience strategy, you’ll unlock the critical data needed to understand your customer and build better product and service journeys.


A customer data platform made for service

Helm has been an integral part of the Digital and CX transformation here at Comcast.  The way Helm seamlessly integrates information across multiple systems to provide a true 360° view of the customer experience helps us see where we can make the most meaningful impact to both our customer satisfaction and our internal operations. We continue to reap the benefits of Helm through operational efficiencies and an improved customer and employee experience.

Tom Karinshak

EVP and Chief Customer Experience Officer, Comcast

Helm in Action

Fuel your enterprise with Helm

Helm orchestrates user interactions across all of your products and back office systems. Comcast leverages Helm to trigger real-time account updates by connecting the Xfinity Stream platform with legacy transactional systems, email and SMS.

Helm equips your workforce with insight to reduce effort, foster empathy and have conversation continuity across channels with your customers.

Helm enables service communications on products and self-service tools. Xfinity leverages Helm for proactive customer engagement.

Helm makes your data even more powerful. When you integrate Helm with your applications like Cast, you can tailor experiences and messages for every customer. See how Helm drives growth by providing personalized recommendations.

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Milestones in orchestrating experiences

The backbone to proactive relationship management is in rich, insightful data. Capture, standardize, and share key information across teams and throughout your business.


customers actively monitored and cared for.


critical data types created, managed and growing.


events ingested, normalized, tracked, and stored.


API calls supporting hundreds of use cases.